Hello :)
My name is Aurore & I am the founder of Fresh&Zen. I am 25 years old, chartered professional accountant and I live in Montreal. I started Fresh&Zen because my accounting life was extremely stressful. I accumulated weeks and weeks of stress without ever relaxing, and I put all my hopes of well-being on my periodic massage sessions. Until I reached my quota of massages reimbursed by my insurance.
So I told myself that there had to be a way for me to be soothed on a daily basis. That's when I discovered the very popular bath bombs. But with the life I had, it was impossible for me to take a bath every day. All I wanted was to feel fresh and zen every day, in order to better face my long days filled with challenges.
While doing research, I discovered shower bombs and realized it was a great alternative to bath bombs. At first I was a little skeptical, but I tried it and found it magical. The benefits were instantaneous, I really felt zen!
So during the whole month after that, I tried lots of recipes to finally find THE recipe! Shower bombs are just the first product of Fresh & Zen. With my team, our priority is to help women feel fresh and zen every day, as we all know how stressful a woman's life can be.
But we do not want to focus only on women. Men, too, deserve to feel fresh and zen. If we succeed in improving the life of only one person, then we will have achieved our mission.
Thank you for reading this. You are highly appreciated.
Founder Fresh&Zen
Here is how you can contact us:
Email : freshandzen@gmail.com
Phone: (514) 545-6243